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Together nature and technology companies.
It is the belief od D.K.C

Daegeun's faith

ASADAL INTERNET, INC. started its business in Seoul Korea in February 1998 with the fundamental goal of providing better internet services to the world ASADAL stands for the "morning land" in ancient Korean Asadal has about 35 staffs including well experienced web designers, programmers, and server engineers. The CEO and President, Mr. Suh, studied game theory and statistics in the Ph.D. program at the University of Rochester in New York. Asadal was originated from Korea but the eyes are open to the world.


[Chapter 1: General Provisions]

Article 1 (Purpose)
Terms of the Act and the Telecommunications Business Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization by 'D.K.C' (Below Company) provided by the Internet site, including the conditions and procedures for the use of services(Below Service), the company and your rights, obligations and responsibilities that the regulations purposes.

Article 2 (Notice of Terms and mutatis mutandis)
①he contents of these terms and conditions posted on the Services screen, or by other methods known to the membership will be effective.
②The company has right to change the Terms and Conditions have changed in the same manner as the notice of claim 1 is caused by the effect.

Article 3 (Other Terms and Conditions Statement)
Except as stated in this agreement in accordance with the Telecommunications Act,, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and other related laws and regulations.

Article 4 (Definition of Terms)
The definitions of the terms used in this Agreement are the following.
① User : Access to the site in order to receive services under the terms of the two companies to receive the services provided by members and non-members says.
② Member : User of the company providing the service provided by the company and signed a contract to receive or provide personal information to the company and the user ID (ID) Register to receive grants to complete as a person, as provided by the company newsletter provide continuous service receive the company's services (shopping, communities, and companies that can provide all kinds of services includes), and to provide these services to continue to use the company's internet site for anyone who wants to say.
③ Nonmember: means non-members to join the company without using some of the services provided by the party says.
④ Identity (ID): Members of a member in order to identify and service company approved by jeonghago is a combination of letters and numbers.
⑤Password: In order to protect the confidentiality of their members own set is a combination of letters and numbers.
④Operator: overall management and smooth operation of the service selected by the Company who
⑥Termination: After the opening of the company or members use the service to cancel the contract says.

[Chapter 2: service contracts]

Article 5 (Establishment of Contract)
①Agree to the above terms and conditions would apply to the use agreement? By the members at the time of application to the question I Agree button is pressed, will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.
②Use Agreement for the application to use the member's consent after examination by the company is established.

Article 6 (Application for Use)
①Prescribed by the company in the online application registration form by recording the requirements will apply.
②Complete the form online applications all member information is considered to be the actual data, blindness, and did not enter the actual information the user can not receive legal protection, the use of services may be limited.

Article 7 : Consent to Use of Member Information
①For members' personal information 'Mr Decay' privacy policies will apply.
②Companies listed on the application pursuant to Article 6 which requires the member's personal information and the use of this Service Agreement on the implementation of the contract services are used for the purpose.
③Members affiliated with the company and its services to make it universally accessible and useful information for the member companies and affiliated companies may be available. However, the company provides its members information previously partners, purposes, and to provide information of member information prior notification and consent of the members.
④Members can through the change of member information, make changes and viewing of personal information at any time.
Members by the time of application have changed if you have one listed online, you need to fix any problems that have occurred due to changes in the U.S. responsibility is to the members.

Article 8 (Consent use application)
①A member of the Company set forth in Article 6 of everything mention exactly when the application for use with No. 2, No. 3, if you can accept as an exception.
②Companies that correspond to each of the following application for use in one respect may withhold consent.
ⓐIf the facility can not afford
ⓑIf you have technical difficulty
ⓒOn account of the other companies, if use consent is difficult
ⓓCompanies that correspond to each of the following application for use in one respect it can not understand it
ⓔIf the name is not blind
ⓕWhen applied with the others
ⓖUsing false information when applying for requires mention, if the application.
ⓗThe well-being of society, in order for the purpose of obstructing or if you applied.
ⓘ requirements, set by other companies lack when

Article 9 (a change in contract)
Members by the time of application have changed if you have one listed online, you need to fix any problems that have occurred due to changes in the U.S. responsibility is to the members.

[Chapter 3 obligations of the parties]

Article 10 (Obligations of the Company)
① The company provides services related to the known members of the consent of, any personal information to third parties without leakage, do not deploy.
However, the Basic Electronic Communications Act, if there is a request by the State agency, for the purpose of criminal investigations for the Information Communication Ethics Committee or at the request of, or other relevant laws and regulations in accordance with the procedures set forth in the request if is geureohaji.

② 1 protest, within the company in relation to the business of the member in whole or in part, to create statistical data regarding personal information and use, and through a service member can send a cookie to your computer. In this case, the members refuse to accept cookies, or to alert you to incoming cookies in your web browser to use the computer, you can change the settings.

Article 11 (Obligations)
① When members use the service must not engage in the following subparagraphs.
ⓐ fraudulently used the ID of the other members act
ⓑ information obtained from the service member's use without prior consent of the company for purposes other than the replication or publishing, broadcasting, etc., or to a third party The act of providing
ⓒ company's copyrights, copyrights and other rights of any third party infringe
ⓓ in violation of public order and morals of the information, content, text, shapes, and spread to other actions
ⓔ crime and conduct that is deemed to be related objectively
ⓕAny violation of other applicable laws
② members specified in this agreement and service locations must comply with instructions or precautions.
③ members by content service announcements posted on the company, or otherwise comply with the notice and use restrictions should be.
④ members without prior approval of the Company's operating activities using the service can not be the result of operating activities and membership sales activities in violation of these Terms and Conditions On the results generated by the Company shall not be liable. Members of the sales activities such damages against the company for the obligations Are.
⑤ members without the explicit consent of the Company and one of the service ticket, and other available contractual position transferable, can not be bestowed, it Can not be pledged as collateral.

[Chapter 4 service]

Article 12 (User ID (ID) and password management for the member's duties)
① ID (ID) and password to the member is responsible for all management. Granted to members ID (ID) and password neglect of, caused by the illegal use all of the members are responsible for the consequences.
② their identity (ID) has been used illegally to the fact that members of the company must be informed.

Article 13 (obligation on the member home page)
① Members in their home in violation of public order and morals, or third party content that infringes copyright or other rights of the contents must not be the act of registration. This occurs when you hover the contents all responsibility for the results lies with the Member.
② members have opened their home to be managed under the responsibility and create a backup for it it should be kept.

Article 14 (Provision of Information)
'D.K.C' a member of the service is recognized that there is a need for a variety of information, such as e-mail or by way of letter mail can be provided to the members if you do not want members join and membership information request form to receive information from the Modify menu You can deny.

Article 15 (member's posts)
A member of the company within the service post or to register for one of the followings contents if it is determined that can be deleted without prior notice.
① slander other members or third parties, or to damage the honor of slander if the content
② in violation of public order and morals if the content
③ be related to criminal activity, if the content is recognized
④ 'D.K.C' copyrights, and other rights of third parties that infringe copyright contents if
⑤ 'D.K.C' beyond the period stipulated in the post, if
⑥ members on board their website and showing pornographic material or links to pornographic sites, if
⑦ Others believe that if a violation of the relevant laws

Article 16 (rights of the post)
Services for the rights to the data published in the following cases as follows.
① rights and responsibilities for the post and the publishers 'Company' without the consent of the publisher in addition to appearing in this service not be used for commercial purposes
Will However, if a non-profit shall also apply to the Company within the service has gejaegwon.
② Members of the service information obtained by processing and selling the material placed on such activities as service is not available commercially.

Article 17 (service hours)
① The use of the service the Company's business or technical trouble-free 24 hours a day all year, and is the principle.
Just need regular maintenance, such as the 'Company' is determined by the day or hour of the geureohaji.
② 'Company' with a range of services divided by the available time for each range can be specified separately.
In this case, the information will be posted in advance.

Article 18 (Liability of service)
Members of the 'D.K.C' signed by the temple in the explicit permission in writing except as specifically allowed by the service to sell illegal goods business activities can not be hacked, especially, make money fast advertisements, pornographic sites through commercial activities, commercial S / W, and can not be distributed illegally.
Violation of the operating results and the loss occurred, as constrained by the relevant authorities for legal action regarding 'D.K.C' shall not be held responsible.

Article 19 (Suspension of services)
① 'company' in the following clauses, if applicable, can stop the services.
The service, such as maintenance of equipment for construction due to the unavoidable case
B. the period specified in the Telecommunications Business Act carrier telecommunication services have stopped the case
C. Other reasons which force majeure if the
② 'Mr Decay' a state of emergency, power outages, service facilities, such as the failure or congestion of service to interfere with the normal service when the service in whole or in part, may be limited or stopped.

[Chapter 5 Termination and restrictions]

Article 20 (Termination and restrictions)
① member wishes to terminate when the member through the online 'Company' must apply to the termination.
② 'Company' is a member of the following subparagraphs, if one were to act corresponding to terminate the contract without notice by service or a specified period You can stop by.
A. to steal someone else's service ID and password, if
B. If service operations deliberately interfering
C. If you are not subscribed names blindness
D. the same user ID as the other, if the dual enrollment
E. detrimental to public order and morals knowingly disseminate information that is the case
F. Members to undermine the national interest or for the purpose of public interest and social service plan, or if you are running
G. damage the reputation of another person, or if the act of giving disadvantaged
H. interfere with the stable operation of the service for the purpose of transmitting large amounts of information, or if you are transferring advertising information
I. telecommunications equipment malfunction or destruction of information that causes the spread computer virus program if you
J. 'D.K.C', other members or any third party's intellectual property rights, if
K. Information Communication Ethics Committee or the external agency constant demands associated with illegal campaigning interpretation of the Election Commission if received
L. other people's personal information, the user ID and password if you are using fraudulent
M. 'D.K.C' use of the service information, the information obtained 'D.K.C' duplication, or distribution without prior consent of, or use commercially If
And Members of their website and on the bulletin board showing pornographic material or links to pornographic sites, if
O. This Agreement, including the other 'D.K.C' if you violate the terms and conditions of use set

[Chapter 6, including damages]

Article 21 (Indemnity)
'D.K.C' free of charge for the service using the services of the 'D.K.C' on the part of, rather than due to negligence for any damages incurred by a member shall not be responsible about.

Article 22 (Disclaimer)
① 'D.K.C' is due to natural disasters or force majeure can not provide the service on a service provider is exempted from responsibility.
② 'D.K.C' due to reasons attributable to the members of the service shall not be responsible for failure.
③ 'D.K.C' use this service to its members to expect that the loss of income shall not be liable for Other damages resulting from information obtained through the Service assumes no responsibility with regard to the
④ 'D.K.C' appearing on the service of the members of the information, data, facts of the reliability, accuracy, etc. shall not be liable in respect of the content.

Article 23 (a court of competent jurisdiction)
Such as rates of service for disputes if the lawsuit "D.K.C" Headquarters of the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court is the court.

(Effective Date) This agreement effective from 31 May 2012.

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